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FAQ/Family Care

Family Care

1. How do I add a dependent?

Contact your local Port Administrator for any pertinent changes to your personal information. They are familiar with your plan's specifics and can assist you on how to add a dependent to your health benefits coverage.

2. Is my child still covered while he/she is in college?

MILA requires some type of "proof" that a dependent is still a full-time student, usually a letter from the school, a full-time college schedule, a paid tuition bill, etc. Eligible children must be unmarried and legally dependent on the member. Children who are dependent remain eligible until their 21st birthday but full-time students remain eligible until their 23rd birthday. Should your child no longer meet the definition of a full-time student or is older than the limiting age, COBRA coverage may be available. Please call the MILA officer or see your local Port Administrator.

3. Can I choose a different doctor for each member of my family?

Yes. Each covered family member can select his or her own doctor from our broad network of participating physicians.