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In-Network Services

Each Claims Administrator has In-Network providers for the use of Plan participants.

  • The Cigna network is a broad based provider network from which MILA Members may select any participating physician, hospital or other provider if that provider has been contracted for the service. For example, one might select a cardiologist to treat heart ailments.
  • The Cigna network includes in-store health clinics in select locations under the brand names of:
    • Little Clinic in Kroger and Publix Stores;
    • Minute Clinic Health Care Centers in CVS Caremark Pharmacies and elsewhere;
    • Redi Clinic in Walmart and elsewhere;
    • Sutter Express Care in California;
    • Take Care Health Clinics in Walgreens and Eckerd Stores;
    • Target Clinic in Target stores; and
    • CMG CareToday Clinics.

These clinics generally offer extended hours of operation (open 24 hours) and do not require appointments. They generally see patients within one-half hour or less. They offer limited services in the treatment of minor illness or injury, and the services are performed by nurse practitioners under the direction of a staff physician – all for a primary care copay of $25.

  • The Cigna network of behavioral health providers includes psychiatrists, psychologists, certified psychological counselors and other appropriate professionals. MILA Members may select any In-Network provider with the appropriate credentials for treatment.
  • The CVS Caremark network of pharmacies includes all the retail pharmacies with which CVS Caremark has a contract. If the CVS Caremark logo is displayed, the retail pharmacy is available to MILA Members. CVS Caremark offers MILA participants mail order services exclusively through the CVS Caremark mail order system. As an alternative, CVS Caremark offers the Maintenance Choice program which enables mail order prescriptions up to 90 days to be filled at CVS Caremark retail pharmacies.

Although you are responsible for complying with the Plan’s medical management procedures, In-Network providers generally are familiar with these procedures and will assist you in this process.

The In-Network providers have been selected based upon those providers' credentials and the quality of service which those providers have delivered in the past. Quality service always creates a more satisfactory experience for the Member and generally will result in a lower cost to the Plan.