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Using the Mail Service

Using the CVS Caremark Mail Service is easy and convenient. As discussed previously, you must use the CVS Caremark Mail Service or the CVS Caremark Maintenance Choice Program to fill most prescriptions after they have been filled at retail and refilled once. If you refill a prescription at retail after the first refill, it will not be covered by the Plan. The easiest way to begin using the mail service when your physician prescribes a medication which requires more than one refill is to request a second prescription when your physician writes the first one.

  • The first prescription will be for a 30-day supply of medication and it will allow for one refill. If your physician is certain that the medication prescribed will not have to be adjusted or changed, he/she will give you the second one immediately. Otherwise, he/she will provide it to you after it is certain the prescribed medication is performing as expected.
  • The second prescription should be for a 90-day supply and it should allow for refills. This second prescription should be sent to CVS Caremark together with a mail service prescription drug form with your payment.

If you supply CVS Caremark with your credit card information, it will be easier to pay the cost for this prescription and it will allow you to refill your prescription over the telephone or online at .


You can get a mail service prescription drug form by calling CVS Caremark, going to CVS Caremark’s website or going to MILA’s website and clicking on “Forms” and then “Prescription Form.” Send your completed mail order form(s) along with the associated prescription from your doctor and payment for your copay and any applicable deductibles to:

CVS Caremark
P.O. Box 3223
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-3223

Allow at least five to ten days for your medication to arrive. Many people request a refill when they have a two week supply remaining to ensure that their medication supply does not run out. Your order will be delivered to your mailing address with postage paid in full. It is up to you to request a refill before your current prescription supply runs low to ensure that you can continue to take your medications without interruption.