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Waiver Of Benefits

If a Member, pensioner or surviving spouse waives National Health coverage (or any portion thereof) on himself/herself, then he/she also will be waiving coverage for any eligible dependent of that Member, pensioner or surviving spouse who otherwise might have been eligible to participate. Alternatively, he/she may waive coverage only on his/her eligible dependents (spouse and/or children). The waiver may be revoked and full coverage restored (1) on the date the other coverage is lost, (2) the date a qualified life event occurs or (3) annually on January 1st, provided MILA is notified in writing within the required time. MILA must be notified within 31 days of the date of such coverage termination or qualified life event or by December 1st prior to the desired reenrollment on January 1st of the Member’s desire to reenroll. In addition, the circumstances justifying such reenrollment must be explained in the case of a qualifying life event or a termination of the alternate coverage. MILA will notify the Member if reenrollment has been accomplished on the date for which it was applied or, if the reenrollment has been rejected, the reasons for that rejection.