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Members Who Leave the Industry After September 30, 2004 Without Retiring

Any Member who leaves the industry after September 30, 2004, without retiring and who is eligible for a vested pension benefit when he/she leaves the industry shall not be eligible to receive any MILA benefits when he/she retires. A Member leaves employment in the industry if both of the following conditions apply: (1) he/she is no longer working pursuant to the terms of the USMX-ILA Master Contract and (2) he/she did not immediately start receiving a pension at the conclusion of such work pursuant to the terms of a local Port longshore pension plan after leaving employment in the industry.

Any formerMember, who:

- Before September 30, 2004, was no longer in the industry but had sufficient service to qualify for a vested pension benefit under the local port longshore pension plan’s normal retirement age; and

- Was entitled to receive health care benefits in retirement pursuant to the local Port rules which were in effect on September 30, 1996;

shall be eligible to receive MILA Medicare Wrap-Around Plan benefits when he/she attains the age of sixty-five (65).