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Prescription Drug Benefits

Prescription drugs are subject to the copay applicable to the type of drug indicated in the Premier Plan chart. If you have a prescription for a brand drug for which there is a generic equivalent drug, the generic drug will be issued instead unless the prescribing physician has indicated that substitution may not occur. In that case, the cost of the prescription first may be subject to the $500 deductible per family each calendar year. See page 39 for more information on the prescription drug deductible and generic drug substitution.

If your physician prescribes a Specialty medication, you must fill that prescription through the CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy in order for that prescription to be covered under the MILA Plan. See the Prescription Drug Program for more information on this program.

If you are covered by another prescription drug program in addition to the MILA Plan, notify MILA of your other coverage in order that benefits might be coordinated to provide you with the best coverage in either Plan. See here for more information.