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Termination of MILA Coverage Because of Active Duty Military Service

If you enter active duty military service for a period of 31 days or more with the United States armed forces or the armed forces of any other country, your coverage under MILA will end on the date you enter such service. However, if you enter service with a US armed force (e.g., the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force or Coast Guard) and you have re-employment rights as provided in the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), as amended, MILA coverage will continue for your dependent spouse and children while your re-employment rights continue under that law. If your re-employment rights end under that law (for example, because you re-enlist or extend your enlistment), coverage will end for your dependents on that date.

When your active duty military service ends, if your re-employment rights are guaranteed under USERRA and if you return to employment in the industry under covered Master Contract employment within the time required under USERRA, your coverage in MILA will be reinstated on the date of your return under the benefit plan in which you were covered when you entered active duty military service. If the benefit plans were amended while you were in active duty military service, you would be reinstated in the amended plan. Be certain to notify your local Port Administrator or MILA when you return to work in order that your coverage may be promptly restored.

You will continue to be covered in this Plan until the end of the calendar year following the end of the contract year in which you returned. For purposes of qualifying for coverage in the next calendar year, the MILA Trustees will grant USERRA Credited Hours for each week of the contract year prior to the date of your return. Hours will be credited for the weeks prior to your return at the weekly rate at which you actually earned credited hours in that contract year following your return.