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Members Who Retire After Attaining the Age of 58 and Before Age 62 with 25 or More Years of Pension Service

A Member who retires under a local Port longshore pension plan after April 1, 2005, with 25 or more years of pension service and after having attained age 58 and who is qualified to receive MILA retirement benefits pursuant to the USMX-ILA Master Contract, will be a qualified pensioner under MILA and will receive the following benefits:

  • The pensioner will receive Basic Plan benefits. However, a pensioner who has qualified for Premier Plan benefits on the date he/she retired will continue to receive such benefits until the end of the period for which he/she qualified for such benefits; thereafter, he/she will receive Basic Plan benefits. When the pensioner attains age 62, benefits will change to Premier Plan benefits. When a person covered under such Basic or Premier Plan benefits attains Medicare eligibility, that person’s benefits will change to MILA Medicare Wrap-Around benefits.
  • If the pensioner has a spouse or other dependents who are qualified for welfare benefits in retirement pursuant to the USMX-ILA Master Contract, the spouse and dependents will receive MILA Plan Benefits in the Plan for which the Member is eligible by virtue of the Member’s age or pension service until the spouse and dependents attain Medicare eligibility; thereafter, the spouse and dependents will receive MILA Medicare Wrap-Around benefits. Dependents other than the spouse will be eligible for benefits pursuant to the regular eligibility rules for non-spouse dependents.