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When COBRA Coverage Ends

COBRA coverage ordinarily ends at the end of the maximum coverage period specified here. It will stop before the end of the maximum period under any of the following circumstances:

  • The required monthly COBRA payment is not made on time or within the 31-day grace period for such payment;
  • A person covered under COBRA continuation becomes entitled to benefits under Medicare after the date of the COBRA election, or becomes covered under another group health plan; or
  • A person covered under COBRA continuation fails to qualify as an eligible spouse or dependent child or collateral dependent. If such person is a Qualified Beneficiary, he/she will have a separate right to elect COBRA continuation coverage for the balance of the maximum period. A collateral dependent is not a Qualified Beneficiary.

Coverage also ends if MILA stops providing health plan benefits to all its participants. Once your COBRA Continuation Coverage terminates for any reason, it cannot be reinstated.