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The MILA Vision Plan

Plan benefits shall be provided through a network of vision care providers as contracted and administered by EyeMed Vision Care. First American Administrators (FAA), a wholly owned subsidiary of EyeMed Vision Care, is the Claims Administrator for the MILA Vision Plan. Benefits shall be available from any vision care provider whose license would permit the provision of the services and supplies. However, if the provider is not in the contracted EyeMed Network, the eligible charge for such service or supply shall be limited to the amount that is specified in the Benefit Summary in Section I, MILA Vision Plan, for the service or supply that would have been covered by the Plan had the service been performed or the supply provided by an EyeMed contracted, network vision care provider who was qualified to perform the eligible work in the geographic area in which it was performed or supplied.

Vision Care Benefit Payable under the Plan. The vision care benefits specified in Section I, MILA Vision Plan, will be payable for covered services under the Plan. No other services will be covered.