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When Covered By More Than One Prescription Drug Plan

The MILA Prescription Drug Program contains a Coordination of Benefits (COB) provision which establishes the order in which benefit plans will pay for the cost of prescription medication. The purpose of this provision is that you will receive the best coverage provided by either Plan for your prescription drugs while saving MILA expense where possible. See the Coordination and Benefits Section for more information regarding the order of Plan payment.

You must tell MILA if you have another prescription drug program in order for this program to operate properly. MILA will report to CVS Caremark the order in which the Plans are to pay for each covered person based upon the rules in the Plan referred to above. When you submit a drug for payment to the retail pharmacy, give copies of your drug cards for each Plan to the pharmacist. Many retail pharmacies (including most CVS Retail Pharmacies) are equipped to process both Plan benefits electronically so that most of the coordination will be invisible; you will just pay the lowest copay provided by either Plan when you receive your prescription drug.

However, if the pharmacy is not equipped to perform the COB process, it will process the prescription under the Plan that is primary and charge that Plan’s copayments or other costs. You should then obtain a receipt just as if you were using an “Out-of-Network” pharmacy and submit your claim together with your receipt to the secondary Plan. If the MILA Plan is secondary, you may obtain the claim form online or by calling MILA.