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Network Service

As is indicated in the MILA Medicare Wrap-Around chart, most medical service is available through Medicare doctors under Medicare protocols and not through Cigna protocols. There are some exceptions to this:

  • First, prescription drugs are secured through CVS Caremark’s network of retail and mail pharmacies just as in the Premier, Basic and Core Plans. The benefits are the same as in the Premier and Basic Plans.
  • Next, Member Assistance Plan (MAP) service is available to all Medicare Wrap-Around Plan Members through Cigna.
  • Finally, if a medical health service is not covered by Medicare but it is covered under this Plan (that is, it would have been covered under the Premier Plan), then that service is covered. This will not happen often but, when it does, the service will be subject to the Plan’s deductible and coinsurance as if it were an Out-of-Network expense in the MILA Out-of-Area Premier Plan.