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Members Who Retire on a Disability Pension

Any Member who retires on a disability pension pursuant to the terms of a local Port longshore pension plan who is eligible for health benefits pursuant to the rules of his or her local Port welfare plan that were in effect on September 30, 1996, shall be entitled to Premier Plan benefits until he or she is Medicare-eligible. Thereafter, he or she will be covered under the MILA Medicare Wrap-Around Plan. If the Member subsequently fails to qualify as disabled pursuant to the terms of the local Port welfare plan, he or she shall no longer qualify for MILA benefits under this provision.

If the disabled pensioner has a spouse or other dependents who are qualified for welfare benefits in disability retirement pursuant to the local welfare plan rules in effect on September 30, 1996, the spouse will receive MILA benefits in the Premier Plan until the spouse becomes Medicare-eligible. Thereafter, the spouse will receive MILA Medicare Wrap-Around Plan benefits. Dependents other than spouses will be eligible for benefits pursuant to the regular eligibility rules for non-spouse dependents.

Anyone who applies for MILA disability pensioner benefits on and after October 1, 2014, must comply with the rules set forth here.