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Finding an In-Network Provider

The most reliable way to find out if a doctor, specialist or other medical provider is in the Cigna Open Access network, is to simply ask him or her. You can also:

The contact numbers are also located in the Administration Information section. Be sure to double-check with any provider you find to be certain that he or she is still participating in the Network.

You can visit the Health Center website at and:

  • Find a current listing of In-Network physicians, specialists and other medical providers;
  • See frequently-asked questions and answers about health issues;
  • Find a glossary that explains many medical terms;
  • Contact Cigna’s own customer service representatives for additional information;
  • Find useful health information including the details on Cigna and other services; and/or
  • Check a special secure, password-protected website at where, once you log on, you can access personalized health and benefit Plan information and decision support tools. (For example, you can check the status of claims, find answers to frequently-asked questions, order an ID card and much more.)