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Out-of-Area Plans

Most MILA Members live in areas where the network is adequately staffed to their needs. However, the Trustees have decided that certain geographical areas have insufficient Cigna network providers and, because of this, these Members are eligible for Out-of-Area benefits. You will be notified if you live in such an area and you will receive a special ID card. For persons living in these areas, the Out-of-Network Member charges have been modified as follows:

  • Your deductible is $150 per individual and $300 per family.
  • Your coinsurance is 20% rather than 40%.
  • Your out-of-pocket maximum expense for the deductible and coinsurance during the calendar year is $2,500 per individual and $5,000 per family.

In addition, preventive care and family planning are covered services Out-of-Network in the Out-of-Area Plan.

If you live in an area which has been designated Out-of-Area, you may use network providers and receive all the benefits which they provide. However, if you must use non-network providers, these Plan adjustments will reduce your cost to do so.

Network Review

Cigna continually reviews the network and recruits providers in areas in which Members live. As a result, the Trustees will reclassify areas as the network becomes sufficiently staffed and Members who live within areas which have been reclassified will be notified.